10 productivity-boosting apps for Microsoft Teams

Though it could now not offer the wealth of alternatives supplied using rival Slack, Microsoft’s Teams collaboration software can provide productivity with these ten add-on app integrations. Teams are Microsoft’s chat-based collaboration tool connecting employees via institution chat, direct messaging, and file sharing. Teams have a massive gain over competitors because they can hook into Microsoft’s various office productivity apps, along with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Nevertheless, users expect that one can connect to a wide variety of their favorite apps, regardless of who created them.

With that in mind, Microsoft has included a constant circulation of 1/3-celebration app integrations because Teams was released in 2017. And even though its App Store doesn’t provide the same variety of options supplied by using leader competitor Slack, there are moover two hundred bots, apps, and connectors that will let you accomplish paintings without leaving Teams. Here are 10 of the maximum beneficial 0.33-party integrations presently available.


Task management gear integrates well with team chat apps, supporting coordinating and tracking work tasks in progress. Asana is one of the most famous alternatives available, providing an opportunity for Microsoft’s Planner app. The Asana integration helps you chat with colleagues in Teams about a venture, even when looking at the listing of Asana obligations. Users can see all the tasks in an experience, who they’re assigned to, and once they’re due, and mark responsibilities as complete after they’re carried out.

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