How BlackBerry Has Become a Cyber-Security Player

BlackBerry is a distinct corporation nowadays compared to a decade ago, as the only-time cell massive is now firmly positioning itself as an international player in the cyber-safety marketplace. Among the brand new belongings inside the BlackBerry protection portfolio is Cylance, which BlackBerry obtained in a $1.4 billion deal introduced in November 2018. Cylance is, but only certainly, one of many cyber-safety technologies within BlackBerry. In a video interview with eWEEK, BlackBerry CTO Charles Eagan explains what his organization is now doing in cyber-safety because it transitions far from its mobile tool past. “We, in all likelihood, have 50 extraordinary elements in our protection portfolio,” Eagan told eWEEK. Among the cyber-security technology within the BlackBerry portfolio is mobile tool management (MDM) competencies received through the acquisition of Good Technology for $425 million in 2015.

“God gives us a dynamic container to create a comfy environment in otherwise insecure gadgets,” Eagan said. QNX Technologies, which BlackBerry received in 2010 for $200 million, affords an at-ease embedded running gadget. This is broadly used inside the car industry and widespread engineering. Certicom is any other middle cyber-safety asset within the BlackBerry portfolio, supplying cryptographic and hardware critical provisioning abilities. BlackBerry received Certicom in 2009 for $106 million. Cylance is the newest part of the BlackBerry portfolio, bringing endpoint detection and reaction (EDR) to the side of the Cylance Protect product and forensics with Cylance Optics. Cylance recently extended its portfolio with Persona, which allows consumer behavior analysis for anomaly detection. “They [Cylance] have taken the trouble and implemented information technological know-how regulations to it,” Eagan stated. “They essentially have a machine studying workflow to get a version that works.”

BlackBerry Network Operations Center

When BlackBerry changed into satisfactory called a cell handset vendor, a core element of the general platform became the organization’s BlackBerry messaging service, which had its network operations centers (NOC) and transport structures. Eagan said BlackBerry is now using the identical NOC infrastructure for cyber-safety operations. “We have a comfortable international network that touches each service on the planet, and we will host cozy providers in it,” Eagan stated.

BlackBerry at 35

BlackBerry commenced 35 years ago as Research in Motion and has passed through a couple of transitions. Eagan emphasized that though the technologies have changed, the founding center concepts remain identical. That’s all about trying to make a difference. “We are seeking to make a difference; we are trying to create privateness and protection in surroundings wherein it is crucial,” he stated. Given BlackBerry’s legacy as a mobile device dealer, Eagan nevertheless desires to explain to humans that BlackBerry is now a safety software company and not a mobile smartphone maker. “Thank you for using a BlackBerry. If you did, we’ve got moved on,” he stated. “BlackBerry turned into and may be very successful, and I’m hoping humans will examine our new route more closely.”

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