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Lawmaker seeks fix for cellular phone mount hangup

Lawmaker seeks fix for cellular phone mount hangup

ATLANTA (FOX 5 Atlanta) – Last summer, drivers all around the state rushed to shop for gadgets to help them follow Georgia’s new fingers-free driving regulation, however a lot of them inadvertently broke every other nation statute.

It is unlawful underneath present-day Georgia code to attach something on your windshield, meaning mounts for GPS and mobile phones are illegal.

“This is a problem,” stated State Representative Timothy Barr, R-Lawrenceville. “We’ve requested humans now not to do something after which type of pressured them into doing something else it truly is illegal.”

Rep. Barr stated he found simply how considerable the problem might be when he attempted to buy a cellphone mount for his personal vehicle.

“In my precise case, I power a pickup truck and it has become tough to discover something,” he defined.

Wednesday, Barr filed House Bill 171 to deal with the trouble. The law would permit drivers to use windshield-set up gadgets so long as they do no longer hinder too much of their view of the roadway.

“It’s a bit puzzling I think, so I’m satisfied that they are going lower back and doing that to make it clean,” said driver Hannah Williams.

Barr believes the safety advantages of palms-loose using outweigh the risks.

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