Microsoft Issues Internet Explorer Upgrade Warning

Microsoft MSFT +0.44 %’s transformation into a modern, cross-platform enterprise has one sufferer: it’s legacy offerings. The following information this week that Windows 7 is about to get lots more high-priced, now Microsoft has issued a severe caution about the as soon as all-conquering Internet Explorer net browser. In a subtle-as-a-brick blog publish known as ‘The perils of using Internet Explorer as your default browser, Microsoft has warned that using Internet Explorer is downright dangerous. The company is going to date as not even to describe it as an internet browser.

Declaring “Enough is enough” in formidable letters, Microsoft says Internet Explorer is now simply “a compatibility solution” in place of the internet browser. The employer additionally warns IE users that “We’re no longer assisting new internet standards for it,” and they should move to “modern-day browsers”. While the warnings are stark, they may be proper. You shouldn’t be the use of Internet Explorer in 2019. But the image is not quite as simple as Microsoft would like you to believe.


Internet Explorer nevertheless commands the second most significant market proportion among internet browsers (over 10%), more critical than Opera, Safari, and Edge (Microsoft’s IE successor) mixed. That’s several people now being advised they may be in “peril”. And it’s far partly Microsoft’s fault this number nonetheless exists. The massive mistake got here from Microsoft’s attempt to pressure users to Windows 10 with the aid of no longer releasing Edge on Windows 7, Windows 8, or Windows XP. With those three working structures still commanding nearly a 50% marketplace proportion four years after Windows 10 changed into launched, Microsoft, in the end, dug a premature grave for Edge in preference to putting Internet Explorer out of its distress as predicted.

Interestingly, Microsoft didn’t mention Edge as soon as during its rant towards IE and for good motive. A browser will now replace the Edge Microsoft build based on Chromium – the middle for Google Chrome. Now allow’s be clear: searching forward is correct. Microsoft has reinvigorated itself by shifting far away from the Ballmer era’s over-reliance on moving Windows and Microsoft Office copies. But this new, slick Microsoft desires to recollect it has an duty to coax users of older services to modern merchandise by doing more than scaring them.

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