Nord VPN Apk Review

NordVPN Apk is a free application from NordVpn, allowing users of smartphones, PCs, and netbooks to connect to servers located in various locations worldwide. Once the installation is complete, users can access their servers from any location as long as they have an internet connection. This VPN software has two modes of operation: Private Branch eXchange (PBX) and IPsec for secure VPN.

Nord VPN Apk comes as a free download for mobile devices running iOS5 or higher and Windows smartphones. It has been designed by award-winning security company Kaspersky Lab and licensed under the open-source license. With a simple login, users can establish an account with the VPN provider, by which they can create various user groups. Different types of security policies are configured per user group. This way, organizations can monitor all the activities in real-time.

Fast internet connections do not allow users to browse the internet freely because they may be vulnerable to hacking attacks. Therefore, they need to make use of online security services like NordVPN. The application helps them protect their data by using their time servers instead of third-party time servers. As far as security concerns are concerned, it uses its private network instead of public ones. This way, hackers cannot trace the users’ web sessions back to them. In other words, this application uses its own set of time servers and secures all data received and sent.


Apart from ensuring secure data transmission, NordVPN also offers a lot of other features. For example, the application automatically starts at boot time. It also starts apps that depend on the internet connection and block advertisement advertisements. Apart from that, it also provides free anonymous browsing and blocks pop-up advertisements.

Users can also use their time logging on and off. They can also restrict internet access for specific applications. This way, they can manage their time more wisely. However, they have to choose an anonymous proxy service that complies with specific DNS settings to gain better privacy.

Since Nord VPN uses a dedicated VPN server, it has become highly reliable as well. Users do not need to share their internet connection with any other users, which ensures excellent security. Moreover, they are provided with a unique IP address that cannot be traced back. This ensures that no one can trace where they came from as well as what sites they visited. In short, they are provided with superior protection as well as convenience.

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