Scalpel, Banana & Reciprocating Saw: Healthcare Data Security

There is a scalpel, a banana, and a reciprocating noticed laid out on a chilly metal table in front of you.

Which do you choose?

Well, in case you are a trained scientific expert approximately to carry out the surgical procedure, you’d be attaining for the scalpel (no longer to say having a couple of questions). After many years of training, a scientific expert is aware that that is the proper device for healthcare. They are superb at what they’re excellent at. However, shielding the healthcare IT systems that assist aid patient care may not be the correct candidate for the undertaking at hand.

Data Security

Attackers have been targeting healthcare providers increasingly because the fee of the fitness records has been verified to be higher than the standard credential set being discovered. Electronic health information, or EHRs, had been validated to have a better price primarily based on research. They incorporate a veritable treasure trove of information that now not most effective has called, cope with, employment, credit score statistics, and so on. They additionally comprise all your scientific records.

While you can take steps to mitigate the fallout from having your credit cards exposed, there aren’t tons you could do if your clinical statistics are uncovered. That specific genie can’t be stuffed lower back into the bottle. In point of truth, as of Dec. 27, 2018, the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights (OCR) has acquired notifications of 351 facts breaches of 500 or more healthcare facts. Those breaches have resulted in the publicity of 13,020,821 healthcare records.

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