Top Mobile NFL Apps for Your Phone

Football is one of the favorites of many in North America. The 32-team league is equally popular globally for its unique sporting conduct. And for the new year, you might need to keep yourself entertained during off-game days. And times you wouldn’t be chanced to watch the latest live matchup. This is where mobile NFL apps come in handy. Meanwhile, you can confirm your predictions for this season via our Super Bowl betting today.

As a fact, it’s not enough to be a staunch fan of the tournament alone. You need a medium to test your theories and skills as if you were the player and manager of your favorite team. Games make this possible by giving you a simulation of this reality. To this end, we’ll discuss some of our selected NFL apps based on users’ preferences and reviews.


As you might have rightly guessed, this is the official NFL gaming application. Its well-designed software lets users keep track of football playoffs and the Super Bowl updates. Based on reviews, it’s one of the top-rated, with 4.1 out of five stars; hence, it’s on this list.

You can also check score lines and team tracking and view the latest news. In addition, users have the customization option to streamline the content they see on the application package. An example is the recommendation of specific types of videos. Custom alerts are also present.

Different subscription plans allow you to access more content, e.g., the NFL Game Pass.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

Speaking of one of the few games that work perfectly on mobiles. Fantasy Sports is another app worth considering if you want to access the NFL on your gadget. It’s one of the most popular gaming platforms on the internet. While there have been a few bug reports, it still works perfectly for most.

ESPN Fantasy Sports has features that allow you to contact other managers, browse free agency, trade, set your lineups, etc. Are you also looking to create a league of yours? There you have it! You can draft your team, join clubs, and establish your own on this app.

Fanatical Football

Use Fanatical Football to bring your NFL imagination to life. Here, you can test whatever you desire to be done differently on the pitch. This is one of the most realistic games you can play on your mobile.

You will be provided the option to build a team. Similarly, you can grow this team and see your players through various matches. To make your experience more seamless, the touch controls have been upgraded, coupled with improved game modes. The two main modes are the Quick Game and Championship.

When it comes to the graphics, you’re in for a treat. The audio also combines different music and surrounding effects that match reality.

NFL Game Pass

Rediscover NFL Game Pass - NFL Game Pass Fan Portal

This is another of those with a top rating on mobile app stores. However, you won’t maximize the app if you don’t have the NFL Game Pass. But if you do, there are numerous accompanying benefits.

For a start, you can enjoy replays of every game on a pro subscription. Perhaps it’s more like a highlight compressed into 45 minutes. Other advantages are access to the NFL Network, NFL RedZone, Coaches Film, Stats, and a few games to download.

Likewise, you’ll also be able to stream the whole NFL season live or on-demand through other devices.

BIG Win Football

This football-mimicking app allows you to play as a manager and own a team. Your players have their turf with others to make a name in the league. It plays out like the real, and you can trade players. So long you amass a formidable squad, you improve in rank.

Moreover, you can use a boost card to your advantage during games. It’s undoubtedly a fun challenge to take on if you’re down.

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