Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas: Top 10 Gadgets Which You Can Gift To Your Loved Ones

Valentine’s week is here, and indeed couples are having a hard time finding the right gift for their partner. Chocolates and flowers will do their bit, but nothing can compare to gadgets. A great device can be a perfect Valentine’s gift this year. So, to make it easy for you to choose an excellent tech gift this Valentine’s day, we have handpicked some great options for you. All the tech gifts listed here are affordable, and even if you order online now, you will have it before the 14th of February.


Fitness Tracker: Mi Band 3

The very affordable third-generation Mi Band 3 comes with a full-touch OLED display and heart rate sensor. Available at only Rs 1,999, it could be a great Valentine’s day gift for both him and her. If your partner is a health freak, then remember this is a fitness tracker.

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Smart Speaker: Amazon Echo Dot

A small smart speaker who will do everything you ask him to do. Yeah, an Alexa-powered Echo Dot could be a perfect gift for someone who loves to do things hands-free. You can listen to songs, news updates, shop, book a cab, and more.

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Wireless Headsets: Boat Rockerz 600

An excellent pair of wireless headsets could be a great option as well. If your partner loves to listen to music, most of them, this comfortable Boat headset offers a top-quality music playback experience. You can also manage the audio output with professional options.

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Power Banks: Mi Power Bank 2i

Does your partner often run out of power? If yes, then nothing can be better than a power bank this Valentine’s day. Xiaomi has two options for you: 10,000mAh power bank at Rs 799 and the 20,000mAh power bank at Rs 1,499.

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Wireless Speakers: Logitech X50

The newly launched Logitech X50 wireless is powered by Bluetooth, offering up to 5 hours of music playback. If your partner loves to love to party and listen to music, then Logitech wireless X50 Bluetooth wireless speaker could be a great option this Valentine’s day.

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Bluetooth Speakers: Mi Basic 2

If your partner doesn’t like headphones, the Mi Basic 2 could be the best option for an affordable Bluetooth speaker. The Mi Bluetooth Speaker Basic 2 comes in a compact shape; you can answer phone calls and has an inbuilt hands-free mode. Most importantly, it can run to 10 hours on a single charge.

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Laptop Cooling Pad: Deepcool Laptop Cooling Pad

If your guy is a big Deadpool fan, this could be an excellent gift for him this Valentine’s day. The specially customized Deepcool U-Pal Laptop Cooling Pad is perfect and practical at the same time. If you man works for extended hours, a cooling pad will help him work for long excellently.

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VR Headset: Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2

If your partner loves VR, you can gift him a unique VR so that he can enjoy his content on the fabulous Xiaomi Mi VR Play 2. Weighing just 183 grams, the Mi VR handset is a great gift to pick this Valentine’s Day. Your partner can watch movies and play games in a Virtual Reality format.

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Pocket Speaker: Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2

An excellent option for those who love to listen to music on the go, the Xiaomi Mi Pocket Speaker 2 comes with Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity. It packs in a 1,200mAh battery with a 5W sound unit. Your partner can enjoy a 7-hour battery life on a single charge with adequate coverage of up to 10 meters.

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Selfie Stick: Mi Selfie Stick Tripod

Does your girl love to click selfies? If so, then the Mi Selfie Stick Tripod can be a great gift this Valentine’s Day. It’s light and sturdy, and at the same time, can be used as a tripod to shoot movies with a 360-degree rotatable head. It also comes with a detachable Bluetooth remote.

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