Floyd County Council searching at buying computer systems for members

NEW ALBANY — We have all heard the nightmares — more than 70 million people had personal records compromised when Target became hacked, and 76 million JP Morgan Chase clients had been affected the identical way. Adam Roberts does not need to peer Floyd County information land up inside the wrong fingers. That is why Roberts, the council representative from District 2, pushes to have the seven Floyd County Council participants and the three county commissioners be issued computers for all county-associated work. The computer systems could be owned and maintained by using the county. No non-public emails or commercial enterprise could be allowed on the computer systems. They could be strictly used for county commercial enterprise.

“With all that we have seen in the personal quarter, with the breaches, we want to be as secure as we will on the subject of taxpayer and county records,” he stated. “They would be a county-owned asset.” Council President Denise Konkle said the idea could be further mentioned at a joint meeting among the commissioners and council at 5 p.M. Tuesday. She stated the laptops or iPads might cost around $800 every. “There is more than one reason… We want to hold private statistics break free the county. A lot of people are the usage of private computers. We suppose that could be a chance,” Konkle stated. “This might offer much greater safety.”

She stated the commissioners appear to be on board with the idea. Commissioner John Schellenberger said more excellent dialogue is needed, so everyone is on the equal web page as to what is required. He stated a SharePoint application, where documents might be located at the county server and to be had to all individuals, can also be discussed that allows you to cut lower back on paper use. “We are trying to parent out what they may be trying,” Schnellenberger said. He said there are issues with council participants using non-public computers. He said there are dangers of a virus, and if touchy statistics are downloaded on a private laptop and the county issued, members may be pressured to show in conversation devices where that record seems.


He stated the commissioners “completely apprehend” the need. Konkle said she thinks the commissioners may be on board with the concept. “They see a want for it as properly,” she said. “I am pretty confident we can make it show up.” Roberts stated it is critical to get the laptops, including it is something that should have been finished “earlier than now.” “We need to transport far from no widespread to a general,” he said. “People who use public computer systems to do county enterprise, that is a problem. Other humans have to get right of entry to the ones, and that is a legal responsibility and danger.”

Roberts additionally said the county’s firewall could be reviewed and upgraded if essential. “We need to test it and ensure it’s miles safe and at ease,” he stated. “We need to look at our firewall and network and notice how human beings are the usage of and sending facts, and make certain we’ve protections in place.” Both Konkle and Roberts stated they would love to see the county council grow paperless, which is another motive the laptops are wished for. He said documents have no longer must be revealed out for participants at conferences. “It’s a waste of paper,” Roberts stated. “We get [agendas, other documents] emailed to us on Friday. We ought to have a look at it over the weekend and work on it.” Konkle stated the desire is to get participants “into the IT age” where they want to be. “We genuinely would love to head paperless and get humans to begin the use of computers,” she stated.

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