How the Anthill Studio accelerator allows media-tech startups journey the digital wave

Praveen Mokkapati is Associate Partner at Anthill Ventures. An IIM Bangalore alumnus, he has over a decade of enjoying in B2B scaling across India and Southeast Asia. He oversees operational elements of sales and marketing distribution channels for entrepreneurs throughout numerous startup scaling applications such as Anthill Studio. He also assists corporate strategy and innovation for industry leaders by using leveraging the startup surroundings.
Praveen joins us in this chat on the vision of Anthill Studio, the graduated startups, selection, and services for the upcoming cohort, possibilities for entrepreneurs in India, and tips for aspiring founders.
Edited excerpts of the interview:
YourStory: What was the founding vision of your accelerator, and the way is it supported?
Praveen Mokkapati: Anthill Studio turned into born to pick out and assist boost up media-tech startups with robust ability to disrupt an industry this is deeply entrenched in traditional procedures and business models. To allow this vision, Anthill Ventures partnered with Suresh Productions and Rana Daggubati – both with strong reason – to guide the startup ecosystem through their very precious industry knowledge and foresight.
YS: What could you assert are the pinnacle three opportunities for Indian marketers?
1. ESports. When Amazon acquired Twitch in 2014, the eSports enterprise turned a nook. Commanding a rapidly growing viewership, the industry has the ability for startups to make it large.
2. Healthcare. From the several gaps in number one healthcare or emerging boom in senior residents to rising degrees and focus of intellectual pressure and need for early or pre-diagnosis for a huge population, there are numerous possibilities for the clever entrepreneur to construct answers.
Three. Travel and mobility. With a growing center-magnificence populace, their aspirations, and increasing disposable cash to spend, extra Indians are predicted to journey within the coming years than before. Tailoring answers for this phase may be moneymaking. Given the emphasis on self-sufficient cars and electric powered automobiles, the entire price chain presents possibilities to disrupt conventional solutions.
YS: Which startups graduated from your first cohort, and what sorts of IP are being created through them?
PM: The cohort at Anthill Studio is operating on slicing area solutions and IP.
• ComicFlix is a technology platform that converts films and movies to lovely picture novels at scale, which may be printed or allotted digitally.
• Saranyu develops and offers OTT TV/video, digital news, organization video products, and solutions for content material companies, aggregators, carrier vendors (telco/OTT), and firms.
• Woodcutter leverages big information, device gaining knowledge of, and analytics to assist filmmakers to recognize how their target audience perspectives their projects, wherein they stand compared to similar movies, and assist them with their promoting strategies.
• RecoSense is an AI-driven venture that uses facts science stack to provide consumer personalization, content material tips, and analytics geared toward boosting intake, conversion, and retention.
• NewsPlus brings you breaking news, local stories, and personalized feeds on topics you comply with. Their platform has observed traction with telcos, celeb magazines, and huge firms.
• Scandic lets in users to build, discover, share virtual and augmented reality reports proper from their web browser.
• Rooter is a sports activities fan app that engages fanatics all through stay matches with fable and prediction games and connects with other fans, thereby developing an unbroken 2d display enjoy.
All these have graduated but we preserve to help them. See the video of their Demo Day right here. We are actively pursuing Cohort 2 startups.
YS: What is the background of the managers and leaders of your accelerator?
PM: Prasad Vanga is Founder and CEO of Anthill Ventures. Within four years, he has built a startup portfolio of 30 agencies throughout India, US, and Southeast Asia that has grown 3x in portfolio price. He is a Stanford GSB alumnus, with over 18 years of revel in assisting senior executives from huge corporations like Symantec, Nike, Nestle, Novartis, Wachovia, HSBC, and YES Bank to force business differences. Prasad also has the enjoyment of an entrepreneur who constructed a $25 million employer inside three years. As an investor, he has subsidized numerous successful companies like Medplus, Zanotti, and Tynker which provided exits of more than 12x.

Rana Daggubati is a hit actor, producer, and a VFX entrepreneur. He has invested in tech startups over the past 15 years and has seen the primary-hand effect of an era in Indian films. He has supplied guide services for visible consequences to creating VFX spectacle films like Arundhati, Baahubali, and Robot.

Suresh Babu Daggubati set up Suresh Productions (SP), considered one of India’s largest included production powerhouses with services for manufacturers, vendors, exhibitors, digital put up facilities, animation, and gaming studios. With round 400 theatres in u . S ., SP has upgraded the cine-viewing experience via D-Cinema in theatres.

Rajeev Menon facilitates startups scale with pace via bringing large enterprise thinking to early and growth stage startups. He has 25 years of revel in and is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach operating with senior management and groups for the profession, personal development, and overall performance.
Mahesh Balani is an executive coach with over two decades of enjoying in supporting specialists and commercial enterprise proprietors acquire transformational outcomes. He is an active investor and has been an entrepreneur in the retail area. He has a method engineering background and is a GE-licensed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt.
Navaneeth Menon makes a specialty of using operational excellence inside the programme through continuous development and bringing high-quality practices into numerous strategies of Anthill programmes.
YS: What are the key demanding situations faced with the aid of startups in India, and how will you help bridge the gap?
PM: Unlike the past, there are widespread improvements inside the availability of institutional capital for fairness or debt. More than capital, early growth stage groups want strategic traders who can assist turn the startup right into a scale-up.
These groups need investor-partners who can recognize the fundamental gaps which are preventing them from scaling, individuals who can provide business scaling support on those unique areas, introduce essential industry partners for marketplace access, and provide get right of entry to the or area or purposeful experts who can provide treasured insights to the startup. Startups in Anthill Studio or any of the opposite programmes are presented a majority of these levels of support as they chart their increase story.
YS: What are the selection criteria for startups on your accelerator?
PM: An perfect startup might have their solution established in the market via aa success POC or early customer(s). All companies are evaluated for his or her scalability. The middle of our decision-making rests on two components: the founder(s) and the center crew on one side, and how they stack up on Anthill’s proprietary set of rules called Scalability QuotientTM.
Built on over one hundred parameters, the set of rules allows Anthill to evaluate early increase level businesses throughout many tiers and attribute a scalability rating. Our capability to definitely affect the startup’s scalability is also a crucial information factor for the duration of the choice procedure.
YS: Who are a number of your institutional companions, and what styles of agreements are in the area?
PM: Across the world, Anthill Studio has partnered with large movie production houses, generation consulting corporations with global scale, and the significant investor community. Each of these stakeholders has been extremely supportive of Anthill Studio’s assignment to scale media-tech startups with velocity.
Nearly three state governments have been progressive in both leveraging Anthill’s middle startup atmosphere or in energetic conversations to enhance certain sectors in their respective states.
YS: What help and services do startups receive to your accelerator?
1) Business Mentoring. On the premise of the SQ assessments, Anthill Studio and its group of professionals knows the gaps and scaling potential which will expand a customized scale-up plan for each enterprise. Workshops on business and generation, intervention classes, 1:1 founder training are aligned with this plan.
2) Market Access. The programme selects startups whose merchandise have gone through a successful product validation in the market. It actively facilitates startups to discover goal clients who are willing to offer hassle statements or use instances. We name this effort successful when at the least one opportunity for each startup is correctly closed at some point of the 3-month programme.
3) Infrastructure Support. The cohort is offered access to area and facilities of Ramanaidu Studios, a movie manufacturing and film faculty facility in the heart of Hyderabad. Suresh Productions, a big production house that owns the studios, gives quarter access, assist and knowledge to the startups. In addition, the programme has joined hands with industry partners who provide solutions associated with cloud infrastructure, economic answers, among others.
4) Marketing and PR. Right from aid with the right marketing strategy to coverage throughout Anthill’s PR network, early level corporations end up greater seen throughout print and virtual media.

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