How to Choose Body Armor?

Today, with the increase in the crime rate, the need for protection is increasing. Most people want to wear body armor for different reasons. Some wear it because of their profession and some for their personal reasons. Whether you are a police officer who performs duty in areas with high risk or you are a business tycoon who gets threat calls or you are a military officer, you need body armor to stay safe.

However, to ensure that all your crucial body parts and organs are completely protected choose your body armor carefully. Make sure to invest in the body armor that fits you perfectly, and you can easily perform your daily activities while wearing it.

How to Choose Body Armor? – Security Pro USA

In case you find it challenging to choose the right body armor for your protection, below I have jotted some helpful tips that will make your selection process easier.

#1. Learn about your threat level – When choosing the armor for yourself firstly see when you will be wearing it and what level of protection you will need. If you face rifle threat, then don’t wear pistol protection armor. Learn the difference.

#2. Check if the body armor consists of best ballistic material – When you purchase an armor to protect your body, you want your ballistic vest to catch the bullet, absorb it and then blow out the energy. Each ballistic material layer of the vest absorbs the impact until the bullet stops entirely.

#3. Check if the vest fits properly – Another important thing that you must consider when buying body armor is how it fits on your body. These days, soft ballistic armors are lightweight and are designed in such a way that you never feel restricted while bending and sitting. Many people hold the myth in their minds that the vest can protect the entire torso – top and bottom, but, in reality, it is not true. The armor protects only naval and above area. However, the right body armor is the one that covers three key areas of your torso, including front, back and sides.

#4. Buy from the trusted source – Don’t commit the mistake of buying the body armor from any random store. Do thorough research on the types of the vest and your check which armor meet your needs. Then search for the most trusted source and read their reviews before making the purchase.

#5. Maintenance of the body armor – As you are going to invest your hard-earned money on the purchase of body armor, you need the one that is easy to maintain. However, some vests are vulnerable when subjected to environmental degradation. Also, detergents, soaps and bleach can lead to deterioration of body armor and its fibres. So, make sure to get the warranty with the armor.

Body armor can last for six to eight years but make sure to keep the carriers neat and clean. If it wears out get it replaced with the new one.

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