What Are Flipped Images And How Can I Make Them?

Back in 2017, it was predicted that 1.2 trillion digital photos would be taken, thanks to the wide availability of smartphones. Fast forward three years and that number are most likely a lot higher. Chances are, you own one yourself, and you’re constantly snapping pictures. But you’d like to improve them and possibly even use them in some graphics. For example, you can flip the image to do several things to your pictures. You might now be wondering: what are converted images? We’ll answer that question in this article, plus tell you how to flip your photos!

What Are Flipped Images?

Flipped images are also known as reversed images. As the name suggests, this means you convert a picture along the horizontal axis. This means you can get a mirrored image from this action. This is also why flipped images are known as mirrored images too. Scanned images shouldn’t be confused with flopped images. Flopped images are also reproduced, but instead of it happening along the horizontal axis, it happens along with the vertical one.

How Can I Make Flipped Images?

Thankfully, it’s straightforward to make flipped images. First, upload your pictures onto your computer by connecting the two. Now, there are several ways to produce scanned images.

Flipped Images


If you own a PC, then you should have Paint preinstalled. Open the program up, and then open the image you want. Go to the Rotate option, click on the arrow, and then select Flip Horizontal. You should now have a flipped image! Hit Save, so the changes don’t revert. Paint also has a wide variety of essential editing functions, making it great for quick edits on the fly.

Use an Online Tool

If you don’t have a PC or just don’t like to use Paint, all hope isn’t lost. You can also mirror images by using online tools like Adobe Spark. These are usually free and simple to use! Using the above example of Adobe Spark, all you need to do is upload your image. Click on the Adjust tab and then the Flip H button. What’s great is you can also make additional edits, such as adjustments, in contrast, brightness, text, and more. Adobe Spark will automatically save your design, which means you can always come back to your image and make further edits if you wish.

Create Flipped Images Easily

Now you know what flipped images are and some ways to create your own reversed images easily. You can take this knowledge and add another dimension to your photos and pictures! So get to making with this newfound knowledge. But don’t forget to keep learning, as there’s so much more to discover in the world of art, photography, and graphics! For more informative articles like this one on flipped images, please look at the rest of our blog articles now.

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